Our first 2 week wait for baby #2

Well friends, we’re officially in a 2 week wait. My period is due on Aug 31st.

We didn’t do anything particularly special during this month’s attempts. In the past I’ve tried softcups and Robitussin and eating pineapple cores… All the old wives tales. This time we hurried to get existing kid to bed in time for our donor delivery, introduced the little sperms to their long, dark journey against all the odds, and then continued on with our evening list of tasks and chores. Life is certainly different this time.

For those who are looking for how-to tips, we did use PreSeed lubricant to “cushion” the semen in the syringe, and I kept my hips elevated for about 20 minutes after. And don’t forget the orgasm to seal the deal! It’s all up to nature, now…

5 thoughts on “Our first 2 week wait for baby #2

  1. How exciting! I remember following along with your journey to conceive your daughter! My daughter turned 2 in May and we are currently 5w4d pregnant with our second after two frozen embryo transfers this summer! Good luck!

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  2. Making baby #2 is SO DIFFERENT! In a lot of ways, it’s very helpful to have less time and space to fret because you’re so busy parenting. I’ve got the things crossed for you!

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