9 DPO – Implantation spotting

At 7 days past ovulation, in the evening, I had cramping and I felt dizzy and shaky. I was also exhausted. When I woke up the morning of 8 DPO I felt so nauseous and weak. I had to take Avery to an appointment and I thought for sure I was going to throw up in the waiting room. Luckily, the nausea subsided by noon. By the end of the day I noticed spotting when I went to the bathroom, and then again in the morning of 9 DPO. Luckily, the nausea is gone so far today.

The spotting happened 5 days before my period was due, so I’m pretty certain it was implantation spotting. Still, I’m trying not to feel too cocky!! A lot can happen in the next week or two, even if a blastocyst DID implant.

Also, I had that vivid baby dream that I had when Avery was first conceived. This time the baby I was holding was a boy. Let us see what the future brings, and then I’ll know just how psychic I am πŸ˜†

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