10 DPO

If I weren’t away from my wife right now (I’m at my mom’s place till late tonight getting some free childcare in so I can work), I’d be peeing on a stick right now.

Another early pregnancy sign has shown up – and it’s a gross one. Gingivitis.

Only about a week after implantation with my first pregnancy, I had pregnancy gingivitis. [I looked back at my handy-dandy blog to see that I was complaining about it at my 5 week pregnancy update, and implantation cramping happened with Avery on the day my period was due – so, at about 4 weeks into the pregnancy countdown].

Today, I have gingivitis. It’s gross to think that my mouth is that nasty right now, but indeed, my gums are swollen and sore. I’ll do saltwater rinses till it’s gone. But gross as it is, it’s also an exciting possible early pregnancy symptom 😉

Oh, and another possible but subtle sign – my stomach is grumbling from hunger about an hour after eating. I got so hungry last night that I ate two massive pieces of homemade bread at 10pm, and woke up with my stomach grumbling again in the morning. It’s only a possible sign because it’s in contrast to my appetite over the past month. I’ve been feeling totally satiated from a light breakfast, lunch and dinner – no snacking needed.

Wow, am I ever going to feel like a dupe if there’s nothing going on in my uterus right now 😆

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