22 Weeks Pregnant

One of the midwives in my pod seems to have higher expectations of me than the other šŸ˜œ She really pushed me to exercise (at least 5 days a week!!). I’m lucky if I get to shower once every 4 days… Self care just can’t be prioritized right now if we want a well adjusted child and a roof over our heads during this pandemic. I have, however, been really, really trying to prioritize prenatal yoga and hypnobirthing meditations. About once (MAYBE twice) a week I attempt to do yoga while watching Avery. The problem is, she LOVES yoga and wants to do it with me. Which involves climbing all over me. Which means I’m not really getting the most out of the yoga practice. I try to do the hypnobirthing meditations when it’s my wife’s turn to do bedtime, so I get half an hour of uninterrupted time in before I start work for the evening. I really, really want to prioritize it so I can grow this baby in a calm, peaceful environment. There is so much stress in my life right now that I worry about the gestational environment (and my blood pressure).

Bodily Experiences This Week

So much nose blowing… Just as with my last pregnancy, I have a constantly congested nose and I’m always blowing out blood. There’s excess mucous coming out of every orifice, really šŸ™„

I’m also dealing with some pretty extreme insomnia. There’s just so much stress right now, so much to think about, working until 11pm every evening, and that’s on top of the sore hips and restless legs that go along with pregnancy. The things causing stress are pretty external and out of our control, so I have to keep working on dealing with the stressful events in a more calm manner. For now, I’m getting about 3-4 hours of sleep a night.

Baby This Week

Sleeping patterns have begun to develop in the womb (with baby sleeping about 20 hours a day… Enviable). Those readers who have been with me since my daughter was born almost 5 years ago will know that this blog pretty much became a baby sleep themed blog for a couple of years… sleep was the hardest part of new motherhood for me. This little one’s older sister just didn’t sleep, unless on the boob. We fought it and fought it with countless gentle sleep training methods, and life only felt ok again when we gave up trying to fight it. I am terrified that this baby will be the same kind of sleeper. Please, sleep gods, look down on this one.

Baby could also be hiccuping in there now. I remember when Avery had in-utero hiccups – the cutest.

I think the development that’s the coolest to me this week is that the brain cells responsible for his conscious thought are developing. It’s not just a body anymore… He’s going to be capable of storing memories and THINKING.

2 thoughts on “22 Weeks Pregnant

  1. Look into whether magnesium could help your insomnia. It was a total game changer for me. I take Natural Calm before bed in hot water. I’m pretty sure you can take it pregnant. I’ve certainly taken it while nursing. Check with a source you trust, but it’s an easy option that is not habit forming or weirdly artificial.

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