26 Weeks Pregnant

Avery loves her brother so much already… She often hugs and kisses my belly and talks to him, saying things like, “I love you so much little brother… I’m so excited to see you.” We’ve been open with Avery about baby name selection, and she has even been able to contribute some names to the Maybe List. Unfortunately, she has fallen in love with one name and has been calling him by that name – she even told my parents on a video call 🙄 We haven’t settled on a name yet, but she clearly has. And of course, my mom was a perfect example of why people often keep names to themselves until baby is born. She said, “that’s a yuppy name, isn’t it?” What even is a “yuppy” name, mom?! Jeez.

This week I had my first in clinic midwife appointment since December… My, how COVID has changed things. It was also the week for my gestational diabetes test, and the midwives offered to do an alternative test, which they called “The Australia Test” (meaning this is how they’ve been doing it in Australia, and now we’re trying to get it to become common practice in Canada). Instead of going into the lab to drink pure sugar, waiting an hour, and then having my blood drawn, they just had me fast since last night (and gave me an 8:30am appointment) and took my blood right there in the midwife clinic at my scheduled appointment. It was MUCH better that way. Of course, if my blood sugar is too high at this test I’ll have to do the longer test, but it’s worth the extra poke for the chance that this was all I’ll have to do.

Also at the midwife appointment the baby received comments about how hard he was kicking. He kicked the doppler and we could all clearly see him dancing around in there while they measured my uterus. Wild little guy. To reassure myself, I’ve been looking into research to confirm that the activity level of babies in the womb has no correlation to how active they are outside the womb 😆

Bodily Experiences This Week

My uterus is the size of a soccer ball. It’s still so hard to comprehend how everything fits in there…. Uterus related, I think I’ve been having Braxton Hicks contractions. I remember it being difficult to know if that’s what I was feeling during my last pregnancy as well, and they actually feel different this time, but I don’t know what else it would be. I’ve been having stomach cramps that don’t hurt but are uncomfortable, and they make me nauseous. I’m not noticing my abs getting hard and tight like they did in my last pregnancy, but there’s definitely deeper cramping going on. It has even made me feel dizzy a few times. Kinda stinks, but is a good reminder to take it easy.

I’ve also entered the lovely foot cramping stage 🙄

Baby This Week

Baby is now 25% of his expected birth weight (approximately 2 pounds), and likely has hair colour now in his thickening hair. His nostrils are opening in preparation for breathing, and his testicles are starting their descent this week…

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