Getting a COVID vaccine!!

Spring is in the air, our impending move is feeling more and more real (49 days away), and the COVID-19 vaccine is rolling out nicely in our province. It was just announced by my province that pregnant people are now eligible to get the vaccine, and I am SO EXCITED to be pre-registered to get it. My wife, who works in a hospital (admin) is also expected to get hers very soon. Our midwives are vaccinated. This changes things completely for our anticipated birth experience. Even though our school-aged child can’t get the vaccine (yet), everyone around her will be protected in case she brings the virus home from school.

This summer will feel very, very different for us (in so many ways).

4 thoughts on “Getting a COVID vaccine!!

  1. My wife and I just got our first doses too! My second dose is 4/5 which is a week and a half before my due date! I keep saying I just can’t be in the hospital having a baby that day 😂.

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