28 Weeks Pregnant

We are fully into the 3rd trimester, now. I ended up having to go for the 3 hour glucose tolerance test, and despite the suuuuper bruised arms from the many attempts at getting blood, it went well. I felt fine, no passing out, and NO GESTATIONAL DIABETES. The best part was having almost 3 hours to myself, waiting in the car between blood draws, to read my book in peace.

I’m forcing myself to take time to start thinking about a birth plan. With my first pregnancy, I really, really, really wanted a home birth. I had the water-birthing tub rented and all the supplies gathered in my dining room. Unfortunately, my blood pressure spiked near the end of the pregnancy and I ended up needing a hospital birth. It wasn’t nearly as upsetting as I had worried it would be, but I’d still prefer a home birth this time. Now, though, we have Avery to think about, and COVID to plan around. Must map out birth plans (plan a, b, and maybe even c) as diligently as we’ve been mapping out our moving plan. Because oh yeah – we’ll have been in our new home for one month when baby-watch starts. Hopefully we are feeling mostly set up by then.

On that note,.my pregnancy app dared suggest to me that I should be thinking about baby’s room and car seats now… I’m sure it’s not wrong, but we’ll be dealing with baby’s room AFTER he’s born this time around. Existing child’s new bedroom will take priority because the baby isn’t going to care if he has a decorated nursery, or sleeps next to the boob on the floor.

Another thing we’ve been forcing ourselves to make the time to think about is circumcision. We both instinctually didn’t want to have our baby circumcised, but we also don’t make decisions without doing a ton of research first. And as neither of us has penises of our own to learn from, we needed to do some digging. Conclusion: no circumcision.

Bodily Experiences This Week

I’m now at the stage where I have to roll myself out of bed in the morning because I can’t sit up using my ab muscles. My feet and back get sore after just a few hours of being on my feet. Last night my sweet and precious 4 year old rubbed my feet for me 😍 (but it didn’t last too long before turning into tickling…). My wife is not that into feet so I get it where I can 😂

My bloodwork also showed low iron, so I had to shell out $70 for iron supplements and now I’m also needing to regularly take metamucil to balance out the constipating effects of iron.

Baby This Week

16″ long… Soon he’ll stop growing in length and just work on plumping out. He’s still super active, and is practicing coughing, blinking, and hiccuping (which we’ve been feeling lately).

2 thoughts on “28 Weeks Pregnant

  1. Hello! My wife is pregnant with boy girl twins and circumcision is a hotly debated subject in our house. I don’t want it, she’s more keen to do it. I was wondering if you would be willing to share the research you found which solidified your decision not to circumcise. I’ve found some scholarly articles, but nothing has convinced her yet.


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