30 Weeks Pregnant

30 Weeks has always felt like a milestone to me. Only 10 weeks left…

Everything has been same old, same old – we’re extremely distracted by prepping for our move, raising our 4 year old, and working. Poor little guy doesn’t get the focus that Avery got when she was gestating… I haven’t done meditations or yoga in well over a month. We are, however, starting to put some thought into what we’ll need for his room at the new house. We’re scouring Facebook Marketplace for a dresser/changing table and a set of bookshelves for his room, and we’ve started including “gender neutral nursery” in our regular Pinterest searches as we make design plans for all of our bedrooms. Here’s our latest inspiration from Project Nursery.

Bodily Experiences This Week

My hips/tailbone are almost constantly hurting, which is making my stride turn into a waddle earlier than I think I should be waddling 😆 He’s moving constantly, and it’s sometimes uncomfortable (although still very cool). I’m continuing to monitor my blood pressure and it’s still holding steady at a healthy rate. I have more energy since starting on iron supplements – it was a night-and-day difference. My legs and feet have been cramping, but not quite as bad as I remember it being in my first pregnancy.

I’m also more emotional and ornery. Watch out world…

Baby This Week

Baby is now going to start shedding the lanugo that was keeping him warm, because he’s putting on the layers of fat at record speed now. This is the stage where his growth slows in length, and accelerates to half a pound per week in weight. Currently, he’s somewhere around 17″ long and 3.5 pounds.

At my last in clinic midwife appointment he was head down, but with the massive kicks and rolls I still constantly feel I wouldn’t be surprised if he was still doing summersaults 😳

1 thought on “30 Weeks Pregnant

  1. When you’re not the one pregnant, it goes so fast!! 🙂
    The second kid never gets the time, attention, or intention that the first one did. They instead get a built in friend, mentor, and sometimes-enemy. I think they end up being more resilient for it, as well as they tend to pick up gross motor and language quicker. Avery is going to be an awesome gift to the little guy.


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