Anyone have preemie/NICU hospital bag recommendations?

I was in the hospital in preterm labour yesterday. I was discharged today, but apparently my home is more stressful than I realized and I’m worried I’ll be heading right back to the hospital sooner than we’d like.

Since we’re moving tomorrow, we don’t even have access to our baby stuff. We hadn’t begun to pack a regular hospital bag, and now we need to pack a preemie hospital bag with readiness for a NICU stay.

Anyone have recommendations for what we should pack?

7 thoughts on “Anyone have preemie/NICU hospital bag recommendations?

  1. Oh my I’m sorry to read this 😔 it does sound like this is a very stressful period for all of you. I don’t have advice as to what to pack, but I really hope there’s some way to take it easy but I’m sure that would be a feat at this point

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    • Thank you!! I’m also kind of hoping that asking as I pack what I need for my wife and I, the hospital would be prepared to supply the baby’s needs for the first couple of days while we got ourselves sorted, since it’s kind of hard to PLAN for a premature birth.

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  2. Oof, stress on stress. Hugs. The hospital should have preemie diapers and basic needs covered to start.

    Basic list I’d include:
    Phone charger
    Favorite bottled drinks (I love izzy)
    Otc medications (here it’s like $10 for an ibuprofen – obv only use after checking with doc)
    Nightgown or nightshirt for after the birth
    Warm socks
    A book or reading tablet (and charger)
    If you have an outfit or blanket you want to have available for baby, take it even if you may not be able to use it immediately. Also socks and hat. They will have those things available so don’t stress if you don’t have them.
    Tooth brush and paste


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    • Love this list but want to add: a good sleep mask. I’m often in the ICU with my son who has a seriously compromised immune system due to his heart transplant medications. I pickle not survive the nights without an eye mask that blocks all light and my noise canceling headphones. NICU/PICU are bright and noisy places. Nurses and docs in and out. Definitely invest in those two items. 🙂

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  3. I just packed my hospital bag yesterday (36 weeks tomorrow). I packed:
    3 pairs of socks, undies, pajamas, nursing bras, nursing cami’s and some oversized tshirts. Phone charger, travel toiletry bag, and some slides/flip flops for me. For baby I packed a few outfits, swaddles, burp clothes, and pacifier.

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