34 Weeks Pregnant and preterm labour scare

At 33 weeks 5 days, I was admitted to the hospital for preterm labour. I was bleeding, my cervix was short, and the midwife accidentally poked baby in the head during the cervix check. I was also having rhythmic contractions, but couldn’t feel them.

LUCKIL, we managed to stop it in its tracks with IV fluids and plenty of rest, and baby is holding tight for now… I think everyone will be really surprised if baby holds on till full term, but I’m really trying to visualize and believe that he will.

I took my first ambulance ride, too. My local hospital only takes babies at 34 weeks gestation, and when everybody was sure I’d be delivering that night, they transferred me to a hospital in a neighbouring town. There are bed shortages at all hospitals, so I was lucky to get a bed at a relatively close hospital. I spent one awful night there, and by the next evening I was home, on bedrest (except now they don’t recommend strict bedrest – slow walks are recommended between the resting so you don’t get blood clots in your legs).

And this morning I woke up to 34 weeks gestation, so even if he comes today, he can be born in our home town at the hospital 5 minutes away.

We’re celebrating all of the day-by-day milestones. Today was reaching the 34 week mark. Tomorrow we’ll be almost fully moved into the new house (today is closing day) and we’ll have beds and a guest bed set up for Avery and a caregiver if we have to be at the hospital. And for every day we manage to keep him on the inside, the more prepared we’ll be.

Baby This Week

Well, we know he’s EXTREMELY head down, trying to head-butt his way out… From all the non-stress tests and the ultrasound we just had over the past 2 days, we know he looks extremely healthy in there. Active and perfect. I also got the corticosteroid shots to help his lungs mature faster in preparation for a preterm birth, so I imagine those lungs will be really beefing up now! Other than that, we can guess that he weighs about 5 pounds and that he is really excited to meet his big sister 😉

1 thought on “34 Weeks Pregnant and preterm labour scare

  1. Ooofta that’s scary. I’m so glad you made it to 34!! Miriam was 35+4 days (but we had no warning), and you would never know it now. I really hope you get to 36 or 37, because stopping by the NICU is such a bummer when you just want to be home with both your babies!! Hang in there little guy!

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