36 Weeks Pregnant (still pregnant!!)

We’re only 1 week away from being able to have a home birth! I’m so thankful that baby has stayed in this long. I’ve been doing a crummy job at bedrest, too… I just CAN’T lay around all day. I’m not lifting anything heavy, though, and I’m just slowly shuffling around doing everyday household tasks between rests. I think what really mattered was stopping work early – we’re all just trying to do too many things at once these days. This has allowed me to relax mentally as much as physically.

The midwife is coming to the house next week (at the 37 week mark) to do the home birth assessment and planning. I’m starting to plan my home birth supplies. We have a friend lined up to watch Avery, and a backup plan for if we get transferred to the hospital.

Bodily Sensations

Feeling extremely pregnant. Baby’s head had been deeply and firmly lodged in my pelvis for quite some time now (for at least a month), and I’ve been waddling for just as long. We’re at the stage where getting out of bed is a feat of acrobatics, and I’m up to pee at least 4 times a night. Through the day, when I’m actively drinking, I pee every hour. It’s ridiculous.

The kicks and butt wiggles are less enjoyable and more painful now, as he is running out of room in there…

Baby This Week

I had an ultrasound last week to assess baby’s weight (because I had gestational hypertension in my last pregnancy) and he was approx 6.5 pounds! That’s a pound heavier than the apps are saying he should be, and if it’s true that he’s putting on half a pound a week these days, we may have another 8.5 pound jumbo babe like Avery was. Now I’m hoping he does come just a little early….

Everything about this kid is healthy and perfect. Every single person who has assessed him in the last 8 months has made a comment about how active he is… He makes huge movements CONSTANTLY. It really makes me feel like we have nothing to worry about anymore. Healthy pregnancy (even if my body may be prematurely prepared to evacuate him), and healthy baby. Feeling so thankful, and hopeful, and excited for a home birth this time around.

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