38 Weeks Pregnant

We went from being scared he’d come early to being totally ready to get him out πŸ˜†. Looks like getting rid of the stress of doing it all simultaneously was the ticket to avoiding preterm labour.

Now that we’re full term, we’re all set for a homebirth.

Birth Preparations:

  • The midwives have been to the house to drop off the home birth supplies and talk us through the process. Our friend (actually our donor’s wife) came too, because she’ll be Avery’s caregiver during the birth.
  • Picked up the birthing pool and purchased extra parts (potable water hose, waterproof tarp)
  • Gathered all other supplies like towels, receiving blankets, garbage pails, waterproof mattress cover…
  • Arranged plan A and plan B childcare for during birth (home or transfer to hospital)
  • Have been talking to Avery about what to expect (noises, blood…)
  • Doing hypnobirthing meditations a few times a week.

Bodily Experiences This Week

I’m ready to evict this little babe. I’m uncomfortable, sore, can’t bend over to pick things up… and I’m so excited to meet him. My body has been preparing itself by clearing itself out (ahem, with frequent bathroom visits), losing small bits of my mucous plug, and having plenty of random Braxton Hicks contractions.

Baby This Week

Fully cooked. Not much else going on with him besides getting bigger and bigger!

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