Not much really changed for us when we became a family of 4 versus a family of 3. We already had a child-centred routine to life, and we were used to not sleeping and not having quality time together…

The thing that changed the most for me was our first born – she didn’t actually change overnight, but it seemed like it. The first time I took in my daughter after holding our infant son felt like I was looking at and holding an entirely different child. Like I had been in a coma for a year or two while she kept aging.

Her face felt bigger against my hand in the familiar way I cup her cheek. Her attitude seemed so much more mature and independent (which partly is real because she took on the big sister role with newfound independence). Even her hair felt different overnight – less soft, fine baby hair and more course, strong hair that has seen many days of sun, dirt and chlorine…

I grieved my lost ability to see her as my baby with the new baby in town. But I’m also celebrating her for the strong, helpful, caring and independent young person she has become.

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