2 1/2 week update

Grayson’s first 2 weeks were pretty damn easy, compared to my memory of newborn life with Avery. He ate well and slept well – and didn’t care if he was in my arms or on the floor. I got shit done – I made nice meals, baked with Avery, showered and did my hair. Didn’t sleep at night, but that’s nothing new to me.

But then, 1 day after he hit 2 weeks old, he started going through the typical baby digestive struggles (soooo much grunting and straining all night long…). He’s frequently uncomfortable and, although he doesn’t really need cuddles and bouncing like Avery did, he needs help getting into more comfortable positions to alleviate his discomfort. We do lots of bicycle pedaling his legs, tummy massages, burping, tummy time, and every other position one could dream up.

We’re bed sharing (I sleep with him between me and the wall, no blankets). I tried to resist bed sharing with Avery for many reasons, but in the end, it saved my sanity. This time, I fully committed from the get-go. On night 1, I couldn’t stay awake for even a minute after retrieving him from the bassinet and sitting up in bed to feed him. Way more dangerous than safely bed sharing. The bed sharing has helped me to at least be able to rest my weary back, and some nights allows me to mostly sleep right through. In his grunting and straining phase, though, no one is sleeping.

Besides sleep and developmentally appropriate fussing, Grayson is still a really easy baby. He eats like a champ. At 2 weeks old he had far surpassed his birth weight – from 8lb 15oz at birth, down to 8lb 6oz before my milk came in on day 4, and back up to 9lb 11oz at 2 weeks. He has outgrown most of his newborn clothes.

He’s freaking adorable. He looks quite a lot like Avery did as a baby, but somehow even cuter. He’s the kind of baby who (so far) let’s out one or two cries to let you know he needs something and then easily settles. He even settles himself. I don’t know how long I can expect this luck to continue – I know the peak fussy period is around 4-6 weeks and the big initial sleep regression is at 4 months and there are tons of upcoming growth spurts. But for now, he’s an easy baby!!

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