4 weeks of Grayson

This big, strong babe is 4 weeks old today 😊

He can already roll over from back to side, rocks tummy time with ultimate pushups, and weighs in at 12 pounds.

He’s also in the fussy, gassy period that is typical for his age. He’s up all night grunting and straining and eating, and during the day he just wants to be laying on my chest. He won’t be put down. I often go to the bathroom with him in the Ring Sling. I CRAVE an opportunity to shower. I haven’t slept in days, beyond quick, 10 minute power naps in the middle of the night, sitting upright in the glider chair with a nursing baby in my arms. It’s all so familiar… And now I have the perspective to know it won’t last forever, and to know that I’ll survive the sleep deprivation and touched-outedness.

Other than the fussiness, he’s actually more chill than his big sister was. He rarely cries (just “fusses”, and grunts). He’s generally easy to soothe. With his big sister, once she got crying it was very difficult to bring her back down. Her cries always escalated and often moved to hysterics and then she’d crash. Grayson cries briefly to let us know something’s wrong, but never gets worked up.

He’s a handsome little babe, and I’m really enjoying him in these early weeks thanks to the fast postpartum healing and the experience that tells me everything is OK.

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