A relaxed attitude toward sleep

Grayson was fussing last night around 7:30. My first thought was ,”witching hour here we come.” But then I remembered that he had woken up at 4:30, and 3 hours is a long time to be awake for a 1-month old. I pulled out all my tricks to get him to sleep for another stretch, even though that meant we’d both have a later bedtime.

That was the first time I’ve been conscious of this baby’s sleep cycles and “nap times.” And I’ve been wondering if it’s actually too early still to be overly conscious of these things. Babies this young sleep when they’re tired… They’re not suffering from FOMO yet, they’re not begging for a later bedtime… They’re slaves to their biological urges. Reminding myself of that will allow me to relax.

No need to set a nap routine yet, no need to schedule anything. We’re just going to ride Grayson’s internal schedule for another couple of months and enjoy the freedom that letting go brings us.

With Avery, I think we started instilling a routine for sleep around 4 months, when the 4 month sleep regression started. I’ve since learned that fighting the 4 month sleep regression is an uphill, losing battle. So maybe with Grayson we’ll start at 6 months… Everything is a little bit more lenient this time around.

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