3 months of Grayson

Grayson is the perfect baby….

I want to make this a post that is just for Grayson, should he read about his infancy one day… but to put my feelings about him in context, I have to share a bit about my experience with his older sister when she was a baby. No love was lost because of this, but she was colicky, and rarely seemed happy in her first few months. She would only sleep on me or nursing next to me. Days and night were hard.

With Grayson, everything just seems to easy and peaceful. He’s teething right now, and I’ve had to give him extra cuddles and carry him around the house with me a lot, but even when he’s hurting, he just whimpers and lets out a few cries. There are no bone chilling screams with him. He is easy to console.

Even with his recent teething, he’s such a happy baby. All you have to do is look at him and he smiles the biggest smile and coos and gurgles and kicks his legs excitedly.

The real piece of information worth writing home about is that HE IS A GOOD SLEEPER!!! Better than good, in fact. He goes to sleep in his crib after I feed him, burp him, and kiss his cheek. I leave the room, no ninja stealth moves required. He sleeps from 7:30 to about 3:30 or 4:30am (8+ hours!!!!) and then after a quick feed he goes back down for another few hours and wakes for the day around 7:30. At first I was sad that we didn’t need to keep bed sharing, which I automatically fell into when he was first born since it’s how we did things with his sister. But Grayson seems to want the peace and quiet of his own crib in his own room – yes, his own room… He outgrew the bassinet and we didn’t want to move the big crib into our room. We just keep the baby monitor on full volume and video all night and I remain in tune with and acutely aware of his sounds through the monitor. He’s very low maintenance. Sometimes I miss him so much when he’s way off in his own bed that I bring him into our bed at his 3 or 4am feed so we can cuddle a bit before morning.

Grayson is picture perfect in so many ways, but he is really pukey… I have to do outfit changes on both of us multiple times a day, and all of our furniture smells like sour milk. Despite throwing up a lot, he’s in the 97th percentile for height and weight. He was nearly 16 pounds at his 2 month doctor appointment (no idea what he is currently, but he seems to weigh a ton). He’s in size 6 month clothing, and some 9 month. He’s a big baby.

Grayson is a water baby. I have a mesh ring sling that I take him in the pool and the bay at the cottage with and he always falls asleep in the water. He also loves baths, kicking his feet and splashing and cooing while I try to wash him.

1 thought on “3 months of Grayson

  1. He sounds like a dream! I wonder if his size helps with the sleep?! Our youngest was placed with us at 9 months and he was 17 lbs and the worst sleeper. :). Congrats again – he’s super cute.

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