A Sunday Funday at the Butterfly Conservatory

We had an empty weekend. That is so rare and so sweet an occurrence for me, the homebody. Besides Avery’s early Saturday morning swimming lesson (my wife wore the bathing suit this week so I didn’t even have to shave my legs) we had nothing scheduled. We spent Saturday lazing around the house, cooking, and running a few small errands. Sunday was wide open, so I started some of my seeds for the garden, cleaned a little, and with time to spare we decided to do something fun as a family. There’s a butterfly conservatory just a 15 minute drive from our house that we’ve always loved going to in the winter for a brief dose of warmth and humidity. This was Avery’s first time seeing butterflies. She didn’t really notice them unless they fluttered right in her face – she was more interested in all the other kids running around. She’s my social butterfly (where’d she get that??). Nonetheless, we got some cute pictures ☺

There was a stick insect making the rounds on a nature educator’s arm, and Avery definitely locked eyes with it and definitely wanted to eat it. 

She loves Mo’s shoulder rides (she uses your hair as a handle).

And finally, now that we have a kid, we see gift shops in a whole new way. Now they’re a fun place to find adorable souvenier-type toys for our kid. 

This outing was probably one of the last “winter” outings we’ll do. Very soon, the air outside will be a little more like the air in the conservatory, and we’ll be able to do actual outdoor activities. I. Can’t. Wait.