30 Days of Blogging, Day 11

There are these moments, with a toddler, where they change overnight. They level up suddenly, and seem like a totally new model of their old self. They suddenly become fluent in a skill that you didn’t even see coming. They go from being a shaky walker at best, to suddenly running around the house like little athletes. Or they can’t communicate using more than signs and a few single syllable sounds, and then they wake up one day being able to say whole words and start adding to their vocabulary at a rate of multiple words a day.

Avery had a really cranky, fussy phase the last couple of weeks, and this weekend she levelled up and is a whole new toddler. A happier toddler. She is communicating on a whole new level of complexity. 

She also seems to have physically grown again. She can suddenly open the top drawer of her dresser to pull all of her diapers out. She can reach things that are placed a good 8″ from the edge on top of the dining room table. She puts her pots and pans on the kitchen counter. I should really get out a tape measure and see how tall this girl is. She has always been in the 90-something percentile for length, and she has so far been keeping up that growth curve.

I’m so excited by these big, sudden developmental leaps. Tonight, for example, she wanted to take her diaper cream into the bath with her. I told her we couldn’t and approached it to take it away. She clung to it, looked me in the eye with big, sad curious eyes, and asked “wha kn na da ba?” It seems like gibberish when spelled out, but as her parent it was clear that she was asking me why can’t it come in the bath?” I explained why, and she handed it to me.

It was an intense new level of communication. It made me gasp. I’m so excited to be embarking on a phase with improved communication. It is already making her so much happier.