Wanted: Cloth Diapering Advice

We had a lovely in-home consultation from a cloth diapering service in our town, but after crunching the numbers ourselves (and not just blindly reading the estimated cost savings in the diaper service pamphlet), we realized that using a service would be quite a bit more expensive than buying disposables. We want to cloth diaper for more reasons than just cost, though, so we have decided to go with option #3: cloth diaper without using a service. Option #3 means we need to do our own research and supply our own materials, so I am seeking advice from anyone who has experience with cloth diapering. Some of the specific things I would like to hear about are:

  • Where you buy your cloth diapers (used from online groups, new from certain stores, etc.)
  • Your top 3 brands and why (I understand that every baby is different and therefore everyone will have different favourites, but the “why” part of this question is of particular interest to me)
  • How many diapers/covers and how often you wash
  • What is your diaper changing system like? E.g., where do you put the dirty diapers (wet bag, pail of liquid solution, etc.)? What is your on-the-go/diaper bag changing experience?
  • Do you mix disposable and cloth, and why?
  • Do you use cloth wipes too, why or why not?
  • Do you use flushable liners, and if so, when did you start using them?

Any any other general CD advice is welcome, too!

Thanks cloth diapering mamas!