Baby Eczema

Avery was born with sensitive skin. She was one of the 40% of babies to get baby acne, and at one point it looked so sore all over her face, neck, chest and arms that we took her to the doctor who said she would simply outgrow it. She did, by about 8 weeks.

She also has chronic diaper rash, since birth. I wondered if her poop was extra acidic because it looked almost like an acid burn and was very concentrated to one high-poop-volume spot. On days she doesn’t poop, it seems to clear up. It took us 3 months to come up with a solution that worked (we tried different diapers, creams, and anti-fungals). We do plenty of diaper free time letting her dry out completely between diaper changes, and we use cloth diapers, a fleece liner, and zincofax cream, and she now has a good number of redness-free days on her little bum. Still prone to rashes though if we’re not careful.

Our newest skin problem is eczema. Again, it became so enflamed and itchy, covering about 50% of her body, that I called telehealth for advice. They gave me valuable tips and also recommend I take her to the doctor immediately. Here is what we’re doing for her eczema, but it doesn’t seem to be helping.

  1. Daily oatmeal baths (with real oatmeal in a cheese cloth satchel) and moisturizing while she’s still wet to lock in the moisture. We pat her dry, no rubbing her skin with the towel.
  2. Slathering of hypoallergenic moisturizer (Cetaphil) at every diaper change all over her head and body
  3. Hydrocortisone cream (a 1% steroid solution) for the really bad flare ups that seem to be keeping her awake or aggravated. This has a 7-day in a row limit for use though, so I just use it as sparingly as possible.
  4. I cut out dairy (again). It has only been a week and a half and the dairy allergens won’t leave my body completely until 2 weeks, so time will tell. So far I would say her eczema has gotten WORSE since cutting out dairy, but maybe it’s a ‘gets worse before it gets better’ kind of deal. The doctor reluctantly said this is a possible cause of the eczema, but not likely. Definitely worth giving it a real try though.
  5. Keep a cool mist humidifier running constantly in the rooms she spends the most time in. Unfortunately I’m sure the space heater and furnace evaporate the mist as soon as it hits the air, but it’s damn cold here and we don’t have much choice.

These are all doctor and nurse recommended remedies, but there’s still no reprieve.

Has anyone else found treatments/remedies/skin-soothing things that worked for baby eczema?