Pregnancy Update Week 27

We are now entering the third trimester! How the time flies! There is some discrepancy as to which week marks the 3rd trimester – 27 or 28 – but it makes the most sense to me to divide the 40 weeks of pregnancy by 3, so 27 weeks it is. I’m already getting sad about the prospect of not being pregnant anymore. I love it. And we are pretty sure we only want one kid.

Recap of the second trimester:

Our social life has never been busier than during the second trimester of this pregnancy. We have been trying to cram in visits with all of our friends from near and far before a) we escape to the cottage for the summer and b) the baby comes and makes our socializing availability a little unpredictable. I’m an introvert, and as much as I love all of my friends, this hectic social schedule has been extremely draining and I look forward to having 3rd trimester exhaustion as an excuse to slow down.

I gained 13lb this trimester (and 14 in total). As someone who had an eating disorder in teen-hood, I’m surprised at how excited I am to see the numbers on the scale climb up. All it means to me is that my baby is growing and my body is supporting the baby. When I think about how amazing this whole process is, I get emotional. Thank you body, for being so amazingly capable. I promise to love you after, too.

I have so many favourite parts of this trimester. Little bug’s big kicks, the glorious bump, finding out the sex and naming her, and the easy and comfy maternity wardrobe. I also really appreciated when my mood and energy improved about 1/4 of the way into this trimester. You often hear that the 2nd trimester comes with a burst of energy. Don’t be fooled – my energy levels did not exceed pre-pregnancy levels. I just felt better in comparison to the 1st trimester. Energy has not been something I have in surplus at any point during this pregnancy so far. The toughest part of this trimester has been the hip pain, but I have been really lucky in that my lifestyle allows me to rest my achey body anytime I need to.

Preparations For Baby

I got my glucose tolerance screening test done and failed, but I’m trying not to get too stressed about it until we get the results of the full diagnostic test back. I have no symptoms that would suggest I have trouble metabolising sugar, on paper I am low risk, and I know that the screening test has a fairly high false positive rate. The full test could have gone better… I was told to fast for 12 hours and only drink small amounts. I was dehydrated, and my veins collapsed. I felt super nauseous (I think mostly from the anxiety over all the medical stuff), and had the cold sweats. I spent my last hour of waiting laying in a dark room with a blanket. They felt sorry for me. By the time my last blood draw came they couldn’t get anything from my veins. After four attempts in each arm and three different nurses, they finally got blood from my hand. I am all bruised and swollen now. I tell ya, if I DON’T have gestational diabetes I am going to be furious that I consented to all this testing.

Bodily Experiences This Week

  • Hip pain. Sounding like a broken record here. I dreamt one night that I was crying from hip pain and fire fighters had to carry me home because of the pain. I woke up so sore, and I think the purpose of the dream was to wake me up to change positions.
  • Hungry for sugary foods. Baked myself a giant chocolate cake and ate pretty much the whole thing to myself in 4 days. Also eating candy and ice cream… I think it might be time to put some self control into effect and try to eat less sugar.
  • Bump is getting in the way. Bending over is a whole new experience now with a big, hard obstruction right at the fulcrum. I have to sit down to put socks, underwear, and pants on. Thank goodness it’s summer and I can usually get away with just pulling a dress over my head. Underwear is also optional these days.
  • Baby’s kicks are getting intense. Sometimes I get a jab in an organ and it really makes me jump. Still super cool, but yikes… feels like she is going to break something in there.

Baby This Week

  • 14 1/2″ long, 2 1/4lbs.
  • Might actually recognize her parents’ voices, and react to them with movement or brain waves. My wife has been doing a lot more talking to the belly (and kisses it every night – cutest thing ever).
  • her adrenal glands are now secreting estrogen (which signals for my body to start lactating)
  • she can now control her lung function on her own, thanks to a further developed nervous system.

Pregnancy Update Week 26

This week I got the garden in and the yard all cleaned up for summer. I can’t wait to have our daughter helping me in the garden in a few years… In the meantime, we had our friend’s 5 year old daughter come over and help transplant all of our seedlings into the garden, and we harvested the first asparagus of the season.

It has been HOT here this week. 30° Celsius, feels like 35-36. We get little thunder storms nearly every day when it’s this hot in the spring. I love this weather, but I am definitely feeling the effects of the heat a lot more now – sweaty, swollen, exhausted. The AC has definitely been turned on, and I seriously can’t wait to get up to the cottage and swim in the cold water.

Preparations for baby

  • put a deposit down on a birthing tub. It’s official – we are going to try for a home water birth.
  • Hypnobirthing classes are done, and I will continue to practice all the techniques I learned right up until birth.
  • I’ve been practically living on the yoga ball, working on good baby carrying posture. As a natural couch potato and sloucher, I want to do everything I can to get baby used to being in a good birthing position. I know I’m a whole 10 weeks or so away from needing to worry too much about positioning baby, but I want to practice now!

(Lots of) Bodily Sensations This Week 

  • More Braxton Hicks. The uterus gets so hard that it feels like it’s about to pop like a balloon. My abdomen also gets bigger, or higher, when it happens. No pain with these practice contractions, and not even really discomfort. I would just call it a strange sensation.
  • Hip pain (and now tailbone pain) isn’t going anywhere. In fact it’s getting worse. I may break down and visit a pelvic physiotherapist for my hips.
  • Waking up a lot through the night. Sometimes to pee, sometimes because I’m so hot, sometimes for no reason, and then I just lay there staring at the ceiling for a while.
  • Minor edema, swelling in hands and feet. Only when I have been standing for a while or I’m really hot. I really don’t want to have to take my wedding rings off, but at some points in the day I start to lose circulation in my ring finger… 😦
  • Itchy hands and feet. This issue has surfaced  with the warm weather. The hotter it gets, the itchier my hands and feet get. I feel like I have bug bites on them, but there’s nothing there.  Soaking in cold water helps.
  • Nipples are changing. I was beginning to think that this wouldn’t happen to me, but it looks like they are now catching up with my boob growth. There is also a weird scattering of pigment around them. I thought I would mourn my old nipples more if they ended up changing, but it is reassuring to know that they are growing to make breastfeeding easier for baby. My body is doing what it is supposed to do. I am part of nature…
  • Round ligament pain. Makes turning and getting up uncomfortable and is definitely affecting my sleep.
  • Lots of kicks. She can kick things right off my belly now, like a book, or my laptop. My wife can also feel and hear baby’s heart beat through my abdomen.

Baby This Week

  • 14″ long, size of a bunch of kale, or maybe a butternut squash. Weighs approximately 2 lbs
  • Eyes are starting to open for the first time since the eyelids formed and fused together.

Pregnancy Update Week 25

A Shout-Out to My Wife

The last couple of weeks have been a bit stressful with family stuff and work stuff. My wife has been amazing. She has been so supportive of me, defending my honour when family drama stresses me out, telling me to relax and telling me that I deserve to be taken care of.  She has been very serious about me practicing the relaxation techniques every evening, and has been practicing her own script to put me into a super relaxed state. I feel so lucky to be experiencing this pregnancy with her by my side. Also, I feel extra lucky to be with a same-sex partner at this time of life. Today, one of my pregnancy apps mentioned the importance of a good birth partner. The app actually recommended a close female friend or a doula instead of a husband, because “studies indicate that a woman may do the job better.” That’s right, being gay has once again put me at an advantage 😉

Preparations for Baby

  • Bought my first used diaper cover from a cloth diapering Facebook group. It’s a newborn wool cover and I am super excited to receive it and put it away with my small but growing stash of diapering supplies.
  • Attended a home birthing information night at my midwifery clinic. The house was PACKED – they had to call in back-up facilitators and split us up into three groups because they didn’t have a room big enough for all of us. Perhaps home births are on the rise? We got to see all of the equipment and supplies that midwives bring to a home birth, we learned what happens in a bunch of different emergency situations, and we learned a lot about water birth. By the time we left, we felt even more excited and positive about the idea of giving birth at home (if that’s even possible).
  • As part of the hypnobirthing classes we wrote down each of our top 5 fears or negative emotions related to birth and/or parenting, and then we worked through the list together. It was really helpful to be forced to discuss our biggest worries out loud with each other. My biggest worry is having to transfer my care to the hospital – I tried not to get too invested in a birth plan, but I can see my perfect birth at home and I am having trouble seeing it go as perfectly at the hospital. My second biggest worry is my wife’s work. It consumes her life in the most negative way and she doesn’t plan to take more than 2 weeks of leave (because that’s all the vacation she has for the year). Then it will be back to stressful 12 hour days. I am very scared of how we will balance her work with having a new baby. I really thought she would have quit by now…

Bodily Experiences This Week

  • Emotional rollercoaster. This is actually a good thing; or better, at least, than the consistently sad mindset I was in early on in the pregnancy. I am generally really, really happy now. So excited to meet our baby, so excited to be pregnant, so excited it’s spring, and generally happy with life. And then suddenly I will start sobbing over nothing. And then I will forget why I was crying.
  • Foot and hip pain, foot and leg cramps. I was fast running out of shoes that fit me, and if I crammed my foot somewhere it didn’t fit, I would pay for it with a muscle cramp. So I went to a shoe store that sold shoes to the elderly (read: comfortable shoes only) and bought a pair of moccasins. Bonus: they are hand crafted by Aboriginal artisans and half of the proceeds go to an Aboriginal-related charity of my choice. Really cool company: I will be wearing them all summer.  Another way I have been combatting the hip pain is with a yoga ball. I spend most of my work day on the ball now, and most of the evening when we’re watching TV. It alleviates ALL the hip pain while I’m on it.
  • Appetite. Although weight gain has been a bit slow so far, I think this is the point where it will start to pick up. I am now hungry all the time, snacking constantly between meals. My calories have been a mix of nutrient dense and empty… from almonds and fruit to sour keys and potato chips. The hypnobirthing instructor who also happens to be a naturopath told us that if we are going to do one thing in our diets, let it be cutting out refined sugars and carbs. I’m sorry, but that seems like more than “one thing.”  I am not too concerned with my pregnancy diet, and I believe there is a balance to be found between doing what is best for baby and being happy – take away my sweets and there will be some bad mojo flowing through my body…
  • Movement. I love it when I’m working with my laptop resting against my belly and little bug kicks it and it bounces. I like to think she’s telling me to stop working and pay attention to her. Gladly, little bug, gladly. I haven’t started officially kick counting yet. My midwives say I don’t need to start recording kicks until 28 weeks. When did others start?

Baby This Week

  • 13″ long, between 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 pounds.
  • If she has hair, it is getting colour.
  • Nostrils have been plugged up until this point, but they are now opening so she can practice breathing (fluid) through the nose.

Here’s a little clip of bug’s wild kicks.

Pregnancy Update Week 23

It is a beautiful day (21 degrees C and sunny!) and I just got back from a successful ultrasound and maternity clothes buying outing. I am going to go do my work for the afternoon out on the deck – sunscreen first though. I have burned both times I was out in the sun this spring. Most annoying pregnancy side effect.

Anatomy Scan: Take 2


Little bug was cooperative and we got all the images we needed in about 15 minutes. I think it helped that I downed a big booster juice right before the appointment. So this means

we know the sex!!

I would be more excited, but I was kind of disappointed by the way I had to find out. My wife couldn’t make it to the appointment today, so I planned to have the technician write the sex down on paper and I wouldn’t look at it until my wife and I were together at the end of the day. But apparently ultrasound techs can’t write the sex down anymore… So I found out without my wife there. I called her and told her as soon as I got out of there though, and we are going to giddily daydream about our little gendered baby (and name them!) when we are both home together tonight. We are also going to plan how we will announce the sex to the world.

We didn’t get any good pictures this time (just one of the spine and the above blurry face shot that I find hard to make out), but on the live feed little bug looked so chubby and round! Chubby little arms, chubby little cheeks. So cute. You can see in the picture the top of the head on the right and the little fist under the chin on the left.

I have to wait until the next midwife appointment to be updated on my low-lying placenta.  I asked the technician if she could tell me any of the measurements she was getting, but alas, that is forbidden as well. Those ultrasound techs are really on a short leash.

Milestone Moment

  • Finding out the sex

Preparations for Baby

  • Hypnobirthing. Still going well. I have been practicing the 30 minute relaxation exercise daily, which involves listening to a recording that has me visualize the colours of the rainbow and connect those colours to the body. At first I was agitated and lost in my thoughts for the whole 30 minute exercise, but now I usually fall asleep during it. I have been really stressed lately with running the not for profit and meeting tight school deadlines, so having this relaxation exercise is really good for the baby and I. The goal is to be able to visualize my favourite “birthing colour” during labor, and immediately go into this super relaxed state. I also have a daily task of listening to or reading aloud a list of positive birthing affirmations. The affirmations are supposed to have an unconscious effect on the body. When you repeat things like “My baby is moving down through healthy, pink tissue,” and “My cervix opens to allow my baby to smoothly pass through,” it is supposed to eventually  have a physiological effect and actually help make those things happen.

Bodily Experiences This Week

  • Hip pain. Walking, although it provides me with much needed light exercise, has become a recipe for guaranteed pain. I almost invested in some really good, comfy shoes from Walking On A Cloud to replace my collection of worn, Payless slip-ons that have zero arch support or cushioning, but I didn’t because my feet seem to be getting a little longer and I don’t want to outgrow an expensive, brand new pair of shoes. Just gonna suck it up for now, and take lots of breaks between physical activity.
  • Body is growing faster. Even my maternity shirts are getting too short, and my shoes are getting tight. I bought a maternity sun dress this week because the weather is finally starting to improve.
  • Silent/ocular migraines. They don’t hurt, but I get flashing lights in my eyes that prevent me from reading… which is a problem when reading is the extent of my daily tasks these days.
  • Leg and foot cramps. They wake me up in the middle of the night, and they strike if I wear shoes that are too tight (which is becoming a problem as my feet seem to grow).

Baby This Week

  • Still between 10.5 and 11.8″ long, and weighing somewhere around 20 oz. Still about the size of a mid-sized papaya (I looked this up because I had never seen a foot long papaya – apparently they range from 6 to 18″ long)*
  • Little bug is forming nipples
  • Not much else is new… still working on grip and development of motor skills, brain is still fine tuning nerve receptors, and fat is still accumulating under the wrinkly skin.

*A note on fruit & veg size comparisons: First trimester growth is precise, but second and third trimester babies grow at all different rates and ultimately grow to be different lengths and weights. Baby stops growing so rapidly in length now, too, as it switches gears to put on more weight. Both of these factors mean that the fruit size comparisons are increasingly less  consistent between apps. I have seen papaya compared at 22 weeks, 23 weeks, and even 32 weeks. Eggplant has been compared at 24 weeks, 25 weeks, 26 weeks, and 28 weeks. Cauliflower is even less consistent. So I am choosing my fruit and veg comparisons based on what I can find in the store that is roughly the size I am looking for.

Pregnancy update week 20

We have reached the halfway point! A lot has happened this week in pregnancy-related news, but despite all the appointments and tasks we have done, I feel like we are no further along than last week.

The Cliffhanger 20 Week Ultrasound

This week we had our anatomy scan, and it did not go as planned! I was expecting a romanticized extended viewing of baby for both my wife and I, with only an external ultrasound so I could keep my clothes on. But it turned out that my wife was only allowed in at the very end, and we could only see the baby for a couple of minutes. I also had to strip down for an internal ultrasound, which I thought we would be done with by this far along in the pregnancy. In addition to those surprises, baby was very uncooperative. I mean VERY uncooperative. The ultrasound tech tried for 2 hours to get it to wake up and move out of its curled up position deep in my pelvis. She had me roll from side to side, go pee 3 times, do squats, and eat a bowl of candy. She essentially punched me in the stomach repeatedly, trying to shake baby awake, and tried using the internal ultrasound wand to poke it in the bum. My wife sat in the waiting room for an hour and 45 minutes not knowing what was taking so long, getting more and more worried with each passing minute. The clinic closed and she was the only one left in the waiting room. Finally, the tech gave up. The radiologist requested a follow-up in 4 weeks (AKA eternity) so they can get the rest of the pictures. However that 4 weeks from the initial appointment is already down to 3 weeks from today.

One of the images we couldn’t capture of baby was its genitals, so we still don’t know the sex with any certainty. Although, the tech did tell us what she thought she saw. I figure she must have been pretty certain if she was willing to tell us, but until we get confirmation, we can’t start calling the baby by name. We still bought a celebratory outfit* (my wife and I each bought one, actually), and since our tastes are gender neutral I can show the outfits without giving away our suspicions.


Before we went for the ultrasound we had a friend over and tried out some old wive’s tale gender prediction tests. The results were slightly in favour of boy – but we all know those tests are hogwash 😉 We have decided to reveal the sex to our loved ones before the baby is born, but we are currently trying to devise the least gender-stereoptyped way to do so while still making a fun reveal out of it. Once we have the sex confirmed and figure out the plan for a reveal, I will reveal the sex to the blog.

One thing we did learn from the ultrasound was that I have a low lying placenta. Apparently a placenta that is high enough is 3cm away from the cervix, and mine is 2.09cm away from the cervix. Not placenta previa, but will require a follow up ultrasound at 28 or 30 weeks.

We also had our 20 week midwife appointment this week. The midwives don’t want me to worry about the low lying placenta, and said that 90% of these cases resolve themselves. And even if it just moves up one cm, it won’t be considered a risk factor requiring a hospital birth; however she did warn that lower placentas usually come with more bleeding post partum… so, buy bigger adult diapers I guess? Little bug was hiding from the fetal doppler, and the midwife said it felt like it was tucked into a little ball deep in my pelvis, despite having a huge uterus to swim around in. Apparently that is its favourite place to hang out. My uterus is now slightly higher than my belly button.

Preparations for baby

  • Made an Ikea trip on the weekend and bought a shoe cabinet and a cabinet for the kitchen. This is baby prep because we need more room to put the crap we already have in order to make room for baby stuff. That’s the kind of baby expense you don’t often hear about…
  • Signed up for a hypnobirthing class which starts in two weeks and runs for five weeks.
  • Found a family doctor to take us when we are a family of three (thanks to a fellow blogger for recommending the clinic!)
  • Started a registry in-store and got lots of freebies in the welcome package

Milestone Moments 

  • Got an ultrasound tech’s guess of the baby’s sex
  • Felt baby kick on the outside
  • Being halfway through the pregnancy is a milestone in itself!

Bodily Experiences This Week

  • Hip pain and leg cramps keep waking me up through the night. My Snoogle pregnancy pillow is unfortunately not substantial enough on its own anymore, so I make it into a giant doughnut with my hip in the centre, and then I have to make a stack of pillows for my head so I am at the same height as the doughnut pillow. This alleviates a lot of the hip pain, but I can’t reach my wife from on top of my pillow fortress.
  • Vivid dreams also wake me up through the night, and it really sucks when I can’t reach my wife for comforting snuggles when the dreams are stressful.
  • Eyes are bigger than my stomach. I think my stomach must be compacted in there now because if my meals are a generous portion I can’t finish them. This has led to a lot of tiny containers of assorted leftovers in the fridge.
  • Sinuses have been consistently congested since the first trimester, but now it is mostly just in the mornings that I need a wad of kleenexes in order to breath through my nose. Now, I just have a slight runny nose for the rest of the day.
  • Movement: I think I could feel the details of a somersault movement the other day, and I have been feeling lots of movement every day this week, most days more than once. I actually googled “how often should baby sleep in the womb” because I was worried that the baby wasn’t getting enough sleep. Sounds really silly when I write it out, but it just seemed so active this week! Until of course we got to the ultrasound appointment… The stronger movements are now noticeable on the outside – now we just have to get the timing right so my wife can feel.
  • Weight gain: 4.5 pounds in total this pregnancy

Baby this week

  • 6.5″ and 10 oz – about the size of a cantaloupe! Our first melon comparison! As this is the week we transition to measuring from “crown to rump” to “head to toe”, baby is 10″ from head to toe, about the size of a Belgian Endive.
  • If little bug is going to be born with hair on its head (it has hairy genes, so I expect so), that hair is growing now.
  • Baby’s lips are plumping up

And I leave you with these adorable pictures of little bug’s face and tiny feet that I can’t wait to kiss and tickle.


*I sincerely hope that the patterns on these outfits will not offend anyone. I understand that the teepees mixed with the arrowheads might reflect a stereotype of First Nations peoples being “wild”. Let it be known that I have immense respect and empathy for First Nations communities in North America, and I will teach our child this same respect.

Pregnancy Update Week 17

Newborns stress me out. As I wrote in another post, my sister-in-law had her baby this week. She was kept in the hospital for a couple of days because of post-partum complications, and I went to her house to help get some things ready. One task was to take tags off of a bunch of clothes and wash them. I washed them 3 times… The first time I used a drier sheet before learning that you shouldn’t use drier sheets on baby clothes. I also panicked when I took the clothes out of the drier because I thought I had shrunk them all. I had a fit of stress and guilt and thought I had just ruined all of their baby clothes. Then I realized that baby clothes are supposed to be that small. After washing a second time to get rid of the drier sheet chemicals, I thought I could still smell fragrance from the drier sheet. So I washed them again, and then discovered that it was my sister-in-law’s baby laundry soap that put off the fragrance. I was washing the same fucking baby clothes until 1:30am.
My wife was just as crazy. We had a big ice storm the night before the baby was discharged from hospital, and my wife chipped every last piece of ice off of their 4 car driveway. She was out there with a spade for hours hacking away at it in the freezing rain. It was the most impeccable looking driveway in the whole neighbourhood. And then she salted the bare asphalt as a preventative measure. I hope some of this terror and panic wears off by the time we have our baby…

In other news, 2.5 weeks until we find out the sex.


  • A few weeks ago a friend gave me her Snoogle pregnancy body pillow. I think I am going to try using it soon, so I bought a new pillow case for it (something about a used pillow without a case makes me not want to snuggle my face into it).

Bodily Experiences This Week

  • Healthy nails. I have always had thin nails that rip and peel terribly, and I’m a nail biter to make matters worse. I’ve noticed lately that I can’t bite them anymore… they are so strong that it actually hurts my teeth! (sorry if this is gross).
  • Congested and bloody nose
  • Exhausted from simple tasks. The first trimester had me exhausted without even lifting a finger, but now I feel like i have the energy to do tasks like house cleaning and yard work. However, I have about half an hour to an hour of energy in me before I crap out. I get out of breath really fast, feel like I am just getting over a flu, and pushing it leads to headaches.
  • Emotional wreck. I don’t know if it was all triggered by my sister-in-law’s labour and delivery or if it is just a poorly timed hormonal disturbance, but I have been entirely depressive all week. Not sleeping, crying uncontrollably many, many times a day, no appetite… This better go away by next week.

Baby This Week

  • Size of a Spanish onion (still around 5″ in length from crown to rump). Little bug’s growth is happening more in the weight department now, weighing 5.9oz.
  • Putting meat on its bones (bones that continue to harden).
  • Developing coordination, and may be sucking its thumb.

Pregnancy Update Week 15

I had a constipation issue on the weekend… Constipation has been a minor symptom throughout the pregnancy so far, but it wasn’t causing me any real problems. I just wasn’t as “regular” as I used to be. By Sunday I realized that it had been 5 days since… you know. I also ate a lot of junk food at my sister in law’s baby shower that day. I woke up in the middle of the night on Monday in pain and feeling nauseous. My wife had to drive to the next city over to find a 24-hour pharmacy where she got me milk of magnesia, which worked wonders. Now I am back to normal and making an extra effort to consume plenty of vegetables and fibre. My stomach still turns when I see the cupcakes and chips in the cupboard leftover from the shower. Clearly my body recognizes them as the culprit of all the unpleasantness.

In other news (this time an existential symptom rather than a gross physical symptom), I have been feeling a lot less career driven since becoming pregnant. Although it may just be the emotions and fatigue of pregnancy that are making me feel this way right now, I am afraid of what it might mean for my drive and motivation after having the baby. I was in a meeting today and a friend/colleague Skyped in because she was home with her sick child. I felt so strongly in that moment that what she was doing, caring for her sick child, was so much more important than what I was doing at school. I am a bit concerned about how my demotivated feelings will affect my wife, because I think one of the things that attracted her to me in the first place was my drive and determination to be a fancy pants professor at a prestigious university. Now that I am content to half-ass my way through my PhD and create a flexible means to an income through college teaching and consulting, will she feel let down or disappointed? I’m not saying I want to switch gears completely from having a career to being a stay at home mother (although kudos to those who do), but I just care so much less about career now that our family is growing.

Hand-Me-Downs for Baby

From my PhD co-advisor:

  • Pack’n’play
  • Portable toddler cot for travel
  • Changing pad with 2 covers
  • Baby Wrappers bath towel (ties around parent’s neck)
  • large hooded baby bath towel
  • Moby Wrap
  • Baby Einstein books, DVDs, and flash cards
  • 6 books plus Baby Einstein book set
  • Bottle drying rack
  • Baby Bjorn plastic catch-all bib
  • Plastic food tray
  • Home baby proofing stuff including an oven lock
  • Net feeder x2
  • size 2T snow pants
  • Lamaze Play & Grow Octotunes octopus toy
  • Medela breast pump with bottles
  • Bath toy
  • Bag of pacifiers
  • potty training toilet seat
  • soft teddy bear
  • glow worm
  • And the promise of a high chair in a couple of months when her youngest is done with it

New items from sister-in-law (doubles – more like quadruples – she got from her two baby showers):

  • 4 cute onesies
  • 4-pack of bibs
  • 2 packs of wash cloths

Our one closet that we have cleaned out in the future nursery is now packed to the brim. This is the second large hand-me-down haul we have received, and we have another one coming next month.


Little bug was kicking up a storm last night! It felt just like the first time I thought I felt it – sometime in week 12 – but was a lot stronger. It still felt more like a fluttering than a tiny human kicking me from the inside, but it was moving all over, not just in one place. My cat was sleeping pressed against my bump and at first I thought it was the cat twitching. But I soon realized it was coming from the inside. It was super cool. I also thoughI felt movement a couple of other times over the last couple of weeks, but couldn’t be sure it wasn’t just tummy rumblings. Every time I have felt something I have been laying on my side in bed about to fall asleep.

Bodily Experiences This Week

  • Constipation.
  • Headaches. I went to bed with an ice pack on my forehead a few nights this week in an attempt to lessen the pain naturally. The pharmacist said tylenol can be constipating…
  • Mucous discharge from the nether region. Disgustingly copious amounts. If I’d had this while TTC I would have been ecstatic because it would have signified one mother of an ovulation, but now I am just grossed out.
  • Hip pain.
  • Threw up twice this week. It seems to be more like an extra sensitive gag reflex issue than nausea induced.

Baby this week

  • Little bug is the size of a navel orange at 4.5 inches long and weighing 2.5oz.
  • can see light through their eyelids and will react when a light is shone through my abdomen.
  • can make all kinds of facial expressions now.
  • can now use fat as a source of energy.

navel orange

Pregnancy update week 14: Second Trimester

We are now in the second trimester! I am really having trouble believing it…

On Monday my wife will be leaving for a 2 week business trip to Italy. It has been about a year since she had to travel for work, and I am not looking forward to the exacerbated feeling of missing her. Pregnancy will definitely make the emotions stronger. It is also really crazy to think that I will be 16 weeks pregnant when she gets home. It seems like a really big jump forward in time. She made one of her super healthy, veggie packed lasagnas so I would have healthy dinners to eat while she is gone if I don’t feel like cooking. She takes such good care of me.

My wife has been bonding with little bug every night. Sometimes she pokes it and tells it to stop giving me headaches, and most nights she will put her hand on the bump and repeat “blue eyes”, hoping that her words will have some magical exogenetic-esque effect on the baby’s eye colour.

Recap of the first trimester

  • Gained 1 pound.
  • Bump popped (became noticeable to outsiders) at 12 weeks.
  • Only barfed twice.
  • Worst symptom was extreme fatigue.
  • Best symptom was boob growth.
  • Had 2 ultrasounds.

Bodily Experiences This Week

  • Hungry! All the time! My stomach starts grumbling an hour after I finish eating.
  • Energy levels have majorly increased (although I still allow myself a rejuvenating nap every now and then).
  • Headaches. Almost daily now, and some feel like migraines. Not a fan.
  • Moody/angry. I have even been snapping at people in my dreams.
  • Vivid dreams.
  • Leg cramps when I stretch.
  • Hips hurt. I spent 6 hours cleaning the house today (it was really gross) and now I can’t stand up straight without nasty pain in my hips. Any amount of exercise just makes my hips sore right now.

Baby this week

  • Size of a lemon at 3.5″ and 1.5oz
  • Sucking it’s thumb
  • Little bug is developing its own immune system, now that mine has gotten used to it living inside me.
  • Little bug is doubling in weight every week now.



Pregnancy Blues

Although I am feeling much better now (like day vs. night), I struggled with the “pregnancy blues” for a few weeks. I think it’s important to write about that experience, because maybe someone will read my experience and feel less alone in theirs.

It started at about 7 weeks pregnant, when I first noticed that the extreme fatigue was making me feel pretty bad about myself. I lost my ability to focus on writing; whereas before I could write 10 pages of a report or a manuscript in one sitting, I could barely crank out a paragraph in a day. I would stare at my computer and try to focus, try to come up with an idea or a series of words to string together, but I just couldn’t. It felt like my brain was full of cotton balls, and like I was hanging onto consciousness by a thread. I began to feel so bad about my failures at focusing that I avoided work altogether. Days of the week would pass that I wouldn’t even open my laptop – and my entire work, school, and social world revolves around my laptop. At first, the feelings I acknowledged were exhaustion and guilt. I felt guilty because I wasn’t working very hard, I wasn’t being productive, and I was letting my wife go to work for long hours to support us both while I dragged my feet in getting my PhD.

Then I started to acknowledge the feelings of sadness and numbness. I still couldn’t muster the energy to be productive, but the intense guilt I felt faded a bit. It faded because I was feeling numb. I felt like I didn’t even have the energy to have emotions, but I also felt an underlying sadness. It was difficult for my wife to make me laugh or smile. I cried seemingly at random throughout the day, and laid on the couch or in bed all day aching for my wife to come home and hold me.

Now, as I enter into the second trimester, I am feeling better. I think the changing of the seasons is helping a lot, too. I am taking more walks now that the sun is breaking through the cold gloominess of winter, and birds are starting to chirp and early bulbs are starting to sprout in the garden. I still haven’t gotten my full mental acuity back, so writing is still slow going. But I am doing what I can, and I feel a lot less bad about it. In fact, I don’t really feel sad at all anymore (at least not inexplicably sad). So it does get better.

Pregnancy blues is an interesting affliction because it’s not clinical depression (although pregnant women are definitely at risk of full-on depression), but it is still associated with an imbalance in hormones like serotonin. It is legitimately more than just feeling bad about feeling tired or nausous. So if you feel like you are in a depressed mood and are feeling bad about yourself for “not being able to handle” early pregnancy – the nausea, the lack of appetite, the fatigue and constant desire to sleep – go easy on yourself. Try to speak up for yourself and tell people how you feel. Ask for help. Don’t suffer alone, worrying that there is something seriously wrong with you. As my wife said when I expressed my fear that something was wrong with me, “it’s called being pregnant”. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, and you deserve help to get through it.


Pregnancy update week 13

DSC_0664 copy

We made our announcement on social media. Our closer friends and family had been told in person, but social media made it easy to ensure that the word had been spread to more distant family members and to the friends we see less often. And let’s be honest – it felt pretty good to watch those “likes” and well wishes come flooding in.

Our 12 week ultrasound picture is absolutely adorable. My mom thinks the face looks like a girl, and I do too, actually. I don’t respond to any guesses of the sex because I don’t want to encourage the prying questions and increasingly aggressive assertions as we withhold the information right up until the baby can announce its own sex at birth. That said, I do enjoy my own personal guessing game.

The ultrasound went really well, little bug cooperated with the technician, and we were out of there in 20 minutes. And I got to keep my pants on! When the tech showed me the live video feed, I shed a few tears. I didn’t think I would get emotional in front of a stranger, but little bug was just so f’ing cute!! It lifted up an arm and turned to the side, which made it look like it was getting snuggled into a comfy position. The little head already looked kissable. Unfortunately my wife couldn’t attend this one because she couldn’t get out of work… we were both really upset about it, especially because the live video feed was so crystal clear and animated, compared to the slightly blurry printed photo that I got to bring home as a souvenir.

The other part of the screening test, in addition to the ultrasound, was blood letting (#jokingnotjoking). I took my pile of requisitions from the midwife and the fertility doctor with me to get all birds with one stone, and  they took 6 vials. It didn’t even phase me. I have definitely gotten over my fear of needles through this process of getting pregnant.

Milestone Moment

  • first “pants on” ultrasound.
  • Drug-free pregnancy – now completely off the progesterone, as the fully developed placenta should be meeting supply demands.

Maternity Clothes

  • Old Navy finally had my size jeans in stock! They only had one pair and it had mud on the leg, but they were only $20. I bought dark wash skinny jeans with a half panel which may not fit for the duration of the pregnancy, but are just what I needed to get me through the barely showing stage. And honestly, I look forward to sneakily wearing these jeans long after pregnancy… all pants should have a stretchy waistband.
  • Maternity shirts are a must now. Although I still technically fit in my pre-pregnancy shirts, they stretch in funny places and do not flatter the bulge.

Bodily Experiences This Week

  • I’m feeling back to my old self this week! I have been active all day without needing to nap, and I have been running from one task to the next rather than struggling at one simple task all day. I am even getting some of my motivation back to get school work done.
  • Sore hips

Baby this week

  • size of a peach (3″), weighs about 1oz
  • fingerprints have formed
  • the head is no longer the largest proportion of the body, now at just 1/3 of the overall body size.
  • The intestines formed inside the umbilical cord because of lack of room in the tiny abdomen, and are now migrating to their permanent placement inside the abdomen.
  • hairy baby! Lanugo, a fine layer of hair covering the entire body, is starting to grow to keep baby warm until it starts putting on fat. My little Ewok.