The annual post-Christmas purge

We remind our family every year that we don’t want a lot of presents. We don’t do gifts between adults anymore, and the kids usually just get exactly what they need in terms of fresh, age-appropriate toys. We also encourage the gifting of used/previously loved items to cut back on waste. This year was a big improvement on years past, and I’m thankful we’ve been able to convince everyone to reduce a little. However, bringing new things into the house – regardless of how reasonable the amount – still requires drastic space-making action on our part. We live in a 1000 sq foot home with no basement (the basement is currently a rented apartment), and we like to keep our living space looking tidy and as minimalistic as possible. Clutter stresses me out. To make our job that much more emotionally intense, my wife’s childhood home is being sold and she had to bring home anything she didn’t want her dad to take to the dump. We now have boxes of stuff, including her grandmother’s good china set, to store. So every day since Christmas, my wife and I have been on a purging and organizing rampage.

This year I’ve sold a couple of dozen things on Facebook Marketplace (which paid for a nice date night!), and we made a trip to Ikea to improve Avery’s arts and crafts storage now that she’s into all sorts of colouring utensils, scissors, and paints. My wife also made a couple of wooden drawers to fit under the bookshelves and TV stand – shallow spaces we’d been unable to find baskets for.

While we were at it, we went through Avery’s closet (something we do about 4 times a year) and packed away outgrown things for baby #2, and brought out some of the bigger hand-me-down clothes we had in bins. Every time we work on tidying or organizing Avery’s room now we think about how it’ll work for two kids to share the space. It’s going to take some demolition of the lath and plaster walls and usurping of the crawl space (where we currently store about 12 large rubbermaid bins of stuff we HAVEN’T been able to purge yet) just to fit two beds in there. We have sold off family heirlooms and artwork that we don’t have wall space for and countless other sentimental and/or useful items over the years, and it’s only going to get more cut-throat when we need to take over that crawlspace to expand the kids’ room. We’re going to have to live like real minimalists…