To my shy child

One of the most amazing things about being your mom is watching your personality develop and getting to know you as your own person. Even though you’re just a baby still, it’s clear that you are shy, observant, cautious, and sensitive. You’re also a goofball, you love to laugh and be tossed in the air and tickled and mauled by those you trust. But you require trust. You’ve never been the kind of baby who will give away free hugs to strangers, or who will jump right into playing with other babies. You prefer to sit back and watch for a while, deciding in your own time if you feel comfortable entering a situation. 
I love this about you (and not just because it reminds me of myself as a child). Unfortunately, though, some people think that a child needs to come out of their shell in order to “succeed,” and that being shy means you lack independence and confidence. I disagree with those ideas. I know you are a happy, smart, and kind baby who is testing her limits (and mine) in your own way, in your own time. I want you to know that I respect who you are, just the way you are. 

I love that you observe and think first and act later. I think it shows that you will be a conscientious person, aware of how others are feeling and able to respond in a thoughtful way that will bring comfort and love to others. I also think that this trait shows how smart you are. You are so curious about the world around you, and you seem to analyze new situations and environments in your mind first, before exploring physically. 

You’re also cautious. Cautious around new people, animals, and even new toys. Obviously as your parent I appreciate this trait as it’s just a little easier for me to keep you safe! I hate to see you frightened, but when you warm up to something after being afraid before, it’s so much more rewarding. You have to be won over before giving your love to someone/something new. 

My favourite trait that I see developing in you is your sensitivity. I will always remember the time you started crying when one cat attacked the other cat. You also cry when someone makes a painful grimace (like when you bite me while nursing or scratch my eyeball with your sharp baby nails!) You are sensitive to the wellbeing of others and I think it’s amazing that you have shown signs of empathy so early. 

You are such a beautiful soul and I am so lucky to be able to get to know you as you continue to grow and develop over the years to come. I love you more than life itself.