Weekend Update

For Valentine’s Day my wife surprised me with a spa day, which I redeemed this weekend while visiting my mom in tourist country, where all the good spas are. 

Talk about #selfcareformama. I left Avery with my mom and wife, and had full confidence that she’d be content with her two trusted caregivers. When I arrived at my appointment I somehow managed to bring up the fact that I have a baby, and the masseuse, a fellow mother, was concerned with how I was feeling being away from my baby. I loved the understanding and empathy, and also felt really good about myself that I was doing just fine away from her. I always trust that she’s OK with her other mother now. 

My treatment involved an exfoliating scrub, a deep sea clay body wrap, a moroccan oil head massage, and a full body massage. I barely even thought about my baby. I thought a lot about how my wife and I should do this together and then stay at a hotel some night. Pampering myself, really taking care of my body, made me feel like I had something to give to my marriage again. If I know an expecting mother in the future when I have a disposable income, I’d totally give a post partum spa treatment as a shower gift. 

When I got back from the spa, we hung out at my mom’s place and, because my mom was working late, we totally messed with Avery‚Äôs bedtime. We did her normal routine at the normal time, but then I wore her in the Moby wrap while we ate dinner and hung out for a while. Luckily she slept, but she kept opening her eyes and squinting, as if to say “shut up and turn off the lights, I’m trying to sleep here.” By 10pm we took her to bed where she slept between us. She didn’t fuss at all, all weekend. 

On Sunday we went to my cousin’s baby shower, where Avery met most of my cousins for the first time (I have 12 cousins). Some family members tried to hold her right away and that didn’t go terribly well, but other family members acknowledged that they didn’t want to get up in her personal space before she got to know them. Again, I really felt validated and understood as a parent. It was really refreshing. 

We spent 4 hours in the car this weekend and Avery slept for 3 and played quietly for 1. It was a huge success for a baby who used to have complete meltdowns on any trip further than the grocery store. She’s really changing fast into more than just a scared, frail little blob. She’s my little person. 

Once we got home Sunday night we sat in our back yard and had a beer. It’s the first day this year that it’s been warm enough to sit outside with her. My wife cleaned up our patio furniture, and we played nosey neighbours to our recently deceased neighbour’s open house / estate sale. My wife snuck in for a snoop. 

It was a good weekend. Relaxing, full but not overwhelming, and most importantly, spent together as a family. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Avery had some teething pain through the night and woke us up several times by crying when she tried to nurse. Around 4:30am I gave up trying to get her back to sleep after finally soothing her, so I came downstairs with her and started the day. Happy Valentine’s day to me!

Since I was downstairs early anyway, I set up some surprise chocolate chip cookies that I’d made and hidden yesterday. The cookies were inspired by this free printable card found on Pinterest. Avery also made her Mo a Valentine’s Day card, after a few failed attempts (pictured above)…

DSC_0607 (1).jpg


Avery’s card is definitely going to score more brownie points with her Mo. We made some to send to family members too, and I included a little note in the envelopes apologizing for the fact that the cards looked like they were made by a 5 year old. The artistic genes of my forefathers were lost on me.
And what did my amazing wife and baby give me?? A day at the spa complete with morrocan oil head massage, exfoliating scrub and mud body wrap and moisturizing massage. I’ve never had treatment like that before. And from my little angel who was so excited to carry my gift over to me, a Pandora charm with her initial on it. Don’t I feel cheap with my DIYs…


Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!