The Prophetic Name

As I’ve talked about before, my wife wants a second child and I’m prepared to make it happen for her even though I feel content with one, because she hesitantly obliged me when I wanted the first one.

I had been on the fence about #2. Even though we aren’t planning to try for #2 for a few years, I was already feeling seriously nervous about surviving another round of baby years. The sleep deprivation really scarred me.

But then a name came to me. A perfect name that I loved the instant it popped into my head. I knew it had to be the name of our second child. Because I couldn’t get it out of my head, I told my wife the name and she instantly loved it. It’s the name.

Aspen Bay.

Slightly hipster? Maybe. But it goes so well with Avery May. And I’m a tree person. And yes, it’s a somewhat gendered name, but I somehow know that our second child will be another girl. Go ahead and laugh, but our donor seems to only produce girls. And never doubt the intuition of a mother.

So anyway, we’ll be holding onto this name for a few years, and only time will tell if we will end up using it. But having this name now makes me feel like we’re missing a family member who is yet to come… When I look at Avery I see her with a younger sister. I can picture her hollering “Aspen!” down the hall. It feels like a prophetic name.