My car was broken into on the weekend. To be fair to the criminal, it was unlocked. I grew up in a rural setting where we never locked our doors, and it has taken me some time to adjust and remember to always lock the house. I remember to lock the car 90% of the time. This weekend it sat unlocked, parked on the street in front of our house, in our quiet residential neighbourhood that is full of young families, and someone entered it and rifled through the glove box and left it in more of a mess than it was already in.

Nothing was stolen (there was nothing of value in it…), but I still feel violated.

Municipal elections in my province are happening today. I was on the fence as to who to vote for – the passionate young woman candidate who’s platform is based on environmental sustainability and strengthening relationships between gov’t, organizations, and people; or the white dude who acts like a bit of a Bro but vows to be tough on crime. (In the Bro mayor’s defense, he works really hard to learn about all cultures and subcultures, attends ALL cultural events, and always financially supports our city’s Pride and other LGBT programs.)

After my car was entered without consent, I’m joining the ranks of suburban parents who has been complaining to the city about rising petty crime rates. My vote is going to the white Bro mayor. Can’t believe it.