The Big Decision – Let’s Have This Baby

I had another blood pressure spike at my midwife appointment again today, and went into the hospital. The OB on call checked my cervix and said I was already 3cm dilated, fully effaced, baby’s head in the best position for go time.

The OB surprisingly offered me two options and wouldn’t say which he recommended. Either I get induced today, or I get blood pressure meds and go home for a week to wait and hope for a natural birth.

The midwife, who is an extreme advocate for natural home births, gave me advice that I was not expecting, and because I trust that she would give me the birth I want if at all possible, her advice is helping me to make a decision I never thought I would willingly make… She said that as much as she advocates for home births, my blood pressure is not safe for me, and she has seen many times where a woman chooses to wait it out and ends up with a dire emergency at the end of the waiting – like a C section because the blood pressure is leading to seizures. She helped me to see how I could still have a peaceful, present birth experience with drugs.

So that’s it… I am going in for an induction today. My wife is madly rushing home from work, and I am trying not to get nervous about all the drugs.

11 thoughts on “The Big Decision – Let’s Have This Baby

  1. How exciting! I know it’s not how you imagined this going but how wonderful to have such a supportive and honest midwife during this time. Sending you positivity and omg you’re having your baby!


  2. This is so exciting. While your labour may not be as you imagined it to be, the end result will be the same: your perfect baby in your arms. I hope your labour and delivery go smoothly! Can’t wait to hear your update.


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