Sleep. A big update. 

I am emerging from the fog. 

This baby has not slept more than 3 hours at a time since before the 4 month sleep regression. In fact, for several months we were averaging 45 minute stretches through the night. 

Suddenly, at just past 11 months, it was like her brain just leveled up and she acquired a new skill – she just… sleeps… like there’s nothing to it. Often now for 6 hour stretches, sometimes for 8. I waited to write about this because I know that sleep is often a two steps forward one step back process, but it’s been a good 3 weeks now. The best part is the evenings. I can get her to sleep in about 30-45 minutes of reading stories, nursing and rocking and then she doesn’t wake up again until I go to bed at 10. More and more regularly she isn’t even waking up when I go to bed. Having the evening to catch up on things or to JUST RELAX is sublime. 

I was worried about travelling with her because there was a small, one hour time difference, and she would be sleeping in a strange pack’n’play in a strange place. She showed me just how versatile she can be now by not missing a beat and sleeping just as well (actually, better) than she did before we left home. 

My baby is sleeping. I am sleeping. In fact, I am doing all kinds of things for myself (and my marriage) that I hadn’t been able to maintain when I wasn’t getting sleep. One is a magical age…  

7 thoughts on “Sleep. A big update. 

  1. Wooo!! Sleep happened a little more slowly for us (instead of all at once), but when we got to 2-3 wake-ups it was like I was a new woman. Congrats congrats congrats and here’s hoping it stays that way!

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    • That’s sweet! Our sleep improvements weren’t linear, so we still have sleepless nights sometimes. I expect that will be the case until she’s a kid in her own bed! But big picture, it gets better all the time. I do miss co-sleep in and bring her into bed for morning cuddles every day!

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