Avery’s First Birthday Party 

We celebrated Avery’s first birthday with family and friends on the weekend. It was a stellar party, if I do say so myself. It was rainbow themed, packed with guests both young and old, had a bubble station, a colouring station, chickens (ok, they were there already, but were a hit with the kids), delicious BBQ food, and a happy birthday girl who only cried once. And the cry was adorable on camera.

Here’s a photo summary of the day. It’s mostly just pictures of Avery because I don’t post photos of other people without their permission.


Avery’s first time colouring, bonding with her Aunt Kat


Rainbow Jello made by my talented wife



She obviously missed her afternoon nap, so by the time we had cake she was pushed to her limits. What’s a birthday without a few tears?


I love this picture of her Mo wiping the tears away.


In the end, she loved it.



Gramps making bubbles with the kids


Didn’t take her long to figure out what presents were all about



I love watching her interact with other kids. You can always tell what gifts kids like best…


She got an awesome IKEA kitchen, but in the end, the box was her favourite toy of the day. Sharing it here with her cousin.


*Photo credit to my dad, who spent the whole party with two fancy cameras around his neck, making sure not to miss a single magical, candid moment.

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