We set a date

…to wean our toddler, once and for all: Monday. Sunday night will be our last time ever breastfeeding.

Avery has only been nursing to sleep now, once at nap time and again at bedtime, for about 4 months. My wife has been putting her to bed more frequently in preparation (twice this week). On Monday at nap time will be the first time I refuse her milk to fall asleep to. Monday bedtime will be the first of an entire week of her Mo putting her to bed. No more mommy at bedtime (instead I’ll do the bathtime portion of the routine). We have been talking to her about it – about how she’s getting so big and strong and soon she won’t need milk from mommy to go to sleep anymore. She’ll get water and warm almond milk in bed with her as alternative options (the almond milk just until she has gotten over the loss of nursing).

I have mixed feelings, of course.

I washed my nursing bras tonight for what will probably be the last time (well I guess second to last because I’m not going to pack them away dirty…). I’m pretty sure I’ll cry when I put her to bed Sunday night. I’m going to savour every last moment of it.

But I’m also ready. She’s ready. She’s ready to need me less (she just doesn’t know it yet).

Expect a post full of all the emotions after Sunday night…

10 thoughts on “We set a date

    • Aw, I’m sorry it has been so hard for you! We got really lucky with night weaning – it went pretty smoothly. I know that nursing to sleep at bedtime is a whole other thing, but so far when her other mother puts her to bed she only protests for about 2 minutes. I am really hoping it stays that way!! I hope things get easier for you when you decide to try again. I’ve heard that it’s important to pick a date and stick to it. That way you can talk to your child about it for the days leading up. But if yours is still so upset, maybe just not ready yet?


      • Yeah I tried many things, putting bandaid over my boobs and saying boo boo s hurt and then coffee for the bitter taste. Nothing seemed to work. Now feeding sessions are reduced. We skin the afternoon nap.feed but still a long way to go. I decided not to stress.

        Anyway good luck to you.

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  1. Oh man, I’m already crying for you two! We’re still lingering on the last nursing – once at bedtime. Some days I’m really over it and ready to quit, and other days I figure, meh, if it makes her happy I can keep going.

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  2. The end of nursing is hard on everyone. Hopefully Avery will take it like a champ. Charlotte did better than I expected her too. It’s so bittersweet. On the one hand, you get your body back. On the other hand, your baby is growing up. Good luck! 🍀

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  3. Good luck! My oldest never looked back; weaning was definitely harder on me than him. My youngest occasionally asks for milk and it’s been almost a year since he stopped nursing, but no terrible sleep regressions or anything like that. Best wishes for a smooth transition for both of you!

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