Vacation time!

It’s August, but we’re having an Autumnish week here at the cottage. I’m not really a sun and sand person, and usually spend our summer cottage time tucked away under an umbrella, or submerged completely under the cold water of the Bay. But this weather is my weather. I’m wearing jeans and a sweater. I’m cuddled under a blanket, watching the waves crash in. Yesterday we all went swimming in the rain and the Bay felt so warm in contrast to the cool, rainy air.

Avery loves the sun and surf, though, so I’m a little sad for her that she’s spending so much of her summer holiday inside the cottage. She’s really into colouring and reading to herself these days though, so she has her arsenal of indoor activities to keep her busy. We go for walks and collect stones, and we’re trying to go swimming with her at least once a day, even in the rain. This kid loves the water. The wavier the better. She bobs around in her water wings and practices her dog paddling, shouting, “weee!” as the waves rock her. Swimming lessons this winter will be so different than the last two seasons we had her in the pool, when we had to hold her and lure her onto her tummy with toy boats and noodles.

Avery’s 2nd birthday is this Friday, party on Saturday. I’m so excited to give her gifts. More excited than I remember being as a child when I was waiting to get my own gifts. We’re serving her requested food at her party – pizza and cupcakes. What an actual, full-grown child she’s becoming.

We have 5 more days at the cottage, and I’m soaking up every minute of quiet, alone time with my wife and kid.

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