Stress and spotting and baby has dropped

Obviously we’ve been stressed lately. The reasons are numerous, and if I listed them here it would fill the entire post.

I’ve also been feeling physically exhausted and more uncomfortable than I remember being at this stage of pregnancy last time. The baby has dropped, and I’ve been having a lot of pelvic pressure.

I’m so worried about preterm birth… We’re also moving next week and expect we’ll need a few weeks at least to prepare our new house for baby’s arrival (painting, setting up…). So there’s the fear around ending up with a baby who needs to stay in the hospital during the third wave of the pandemic, and there’s also the fear around just not at all being prepared for the baby.

I’m experiencing spotting tonight, for the first time in this pregnancy (since implantation). Bright red little globs in the toilet every time I pee. I called my midwives and they’ve told me to monitor the situation and call them back if the volume increases.

I immediately laid down and did my hypnobirthing meditation (which I’ve forced myself to make time for every other night this past week). I drank water. I’m laying in bed at 8pm and I think I’m about to fall stone cold asleep for the night. I’m so exhausted.

Of course, I really needed to work tonight to catch up on all the work I was unable to do through the week while managing 100% of the childcare. But the spotting and exhaustion reminds me of what’s really important…

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